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Key Technologies

The key technology that becomes our growth engine 

Robotics Technology

Robot R&D, prototyping and manufacturing. Sensor and IoT development & customization. 

Software Automation

Software, apps and systems in robots to replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention.

Data Transformation

Data optimization and organization for better use in analytics and automation management. 

Drone Camera

Problems We Are Solving

Human Labour Shortage

Automizing F&B & service industries, retails, cleaning services, hotels, factories etc.

Cost and Productivity

Increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing the operational cost

Ageing Society & Healthcare

Supporting elderly care and improving quality of public healthcare service

Digitalization & Modernization

Service robotic solutions to solve technology gap, digital migration, and socio-economy unbalance

STEM Education Gap

Reducing gap in technology & science education, deep-tech talents development

Core Solutions



Robotics & Automation Solutions for Service & Hospitality



Robotics Solutions for Medical & Healthcare

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Autonomous Cleaning for Enterprise



AI & Robotics for Education Community



State-of-the-art and Customized Software Development

Business Activities

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Service Robotics, Sales, Service, and Solution Development

We offer high-end service robotics products that will change the way you appear among competitors and increase efficiency in your organization.

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Robot Development & Customization

​We are specialists in robot development and customisation. We will develop and customise robots according to your specifications as solutions.

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Programming and Content Development Services

If one of your projects requires software programming and content development, you will quickly find that programming work can be a tedious and time consuming process.

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​Robot Rental & Event Service

Looking for an interesting way to spark your event? You can rent our service robots for your function or purchase them for your organisation's continual use.

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Industrial Design & Product Prototyping

Save your time on product design and prototyping work by engaging with our industrial R&D contract program. You can rely on us for your product prototyping needs.

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Project Development
with Industry

Using our high-end service robotics and AI products, we can develop turnkey solutions to tackle and meet industrial needs in the form of service robots.

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Tender Bidding & Supply

We participate in government and private enterprise tender bidding for projects and equipment supplies. The company's experience and technical capabilities made us competitive in tender bidding which has been proven by successful numbers of projects every year. 

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Training &

We provide training and consultancy for anyone that wants to explore more about our robots and to enhance programming skills.

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Medical equipment trading and service

We are specializes in high-quality medical equipment supplies, products & device for lab & hospital use. We are also supplying Covid-19 related medical items such as LDV Syringe, Covid-19 test kit, PPE items, etc to government and private hospitals.


Business Strategy


Robot as a Product


Robot as a Solution


Robot as a Service

Business Graphs

Market Segment

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