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Service Robotics, Sales, Service, and Solution Development

We offer high-end service robotics products that will change the way you appear among competitors and increase efficiency in your organization.

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Robot Development & Customization

​We are specialists in robot development and customisation. We will develop and customise robots according to your specifications as solutions.

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Programming and Content Development Services

If one of your projects requires software programming and content development, you will quickly find that programming work can be a tedious and time consuming process.

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​Robot Rental & Event Service

Looking for an interesting way to spark your event? You can rent our service robots for your function or purchase them for your organisation's continual use.

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Industrial Design & Product Prototyping

Save your time on product design and prototyping work by engaging with our industrial R&D contract program. You can rely on us for your product prototyping needs.

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Project Development
with Industry

Using our high-end service robotics and AI products, we can develop turnkey solutions to tackle and meet industrial needs in the form of service robots.

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Academic Contract

Our contract R&D program for researchers offers technical support for your research and development of experimental platform. We can help you to archive your research milestones.

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Training &

We provide training and consultancy for anyone that wants to explore more about our robots and to enhance programming skills.

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Medical equipment trading and service

We are specializes in high-quality medical equipment supplies, products & device for lab & hospital use. We are also supplying Covid-19 related medical items such as LDV Syringe, Covid-19 test kit, PPE items, etc to government and private hospitals.


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