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Factory and Warehouses

Core Solutions

Efficient Lightweight Delivery Robots for Industrial and Warehouses

Optimize logistics with efficient lightweight delivery solutions tailored for factory and warehouse environments.

Lightweight Delivery in Factory & Warehouse

The industrial and warehouse sector will have the opportunity to accomplish effective material management thanks to our lightweight autonomous delivery robots. We provide lightweight delivery solutions catering payloads below 80Kg. The robot is slim, fast, and efficient, suitable for small parts and components, tools, or small parcels delivery within the factory or warehouses.

Introducing AI and robotics for interactive mall navigation, highlighting sales, promotions, and emergency guidance.

Enhancing the shopping experience for both shoppers and retailers, providing real-time enterprise information and hands-free communication for store associates.

Discover trends in using service robots as your retail staff, marketing, and inventory management. You can add up our 3D hologram too for more impactful in-store marketing.  Enhance your customer experience, digitalize your business operation and give impact to your outlets.

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