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AI & Robotics for Education Community


Core Solutions

We Build the Next Generation Through Education and Talent Development Programs

We provide industry-driven training programs for the academic and professional levels, including a customizable platform for researchers to explore their high-level interests including programming and prototyping services. 

Library Automation

This solution is for schools, colleges, and university libraries. Library management is typically a labor-intensive task with limited automation. The tasks performed by a librarian include book registration/returns, handling inquiries, and rearranging books that have been read by visitors and placed in the provided bins.


AI and automation technologies, such as ID identification and book registration with the help of robots combine to make the library processes more efficient while increasing the productivity of human workers, and reducing operating costs.


Academic Contract R&D

Robopreneur offers contract R&D and research collaboration services with universities and private institutions, including prototyping services.


Our strong foundation in commercial R&D enables us to offer customization of research platforms and provide prototyping services for products and join commercialization with researchers and product developers.

STEM Education Solutions

Robopreneur provides various training courses that demonstrate basic knowledge and advanced concepts of robotics through interactive practice and hands-on syllabus, suitable for students starting from primary up to university levels.


We are preparing future generations with relevant technical skills making them ready to face future challenges in their career.


Technical Training & Talent Development Programs

Industry Revolution 4.0 is opening up a host of new opportunities to companies, from a better understanding of audiences and customers, to better provision and customization of services.


Robopreneur offers training courses catering to the needs of professional levels working in various tech. industries, government agencies, and private corporations.

Smart Campus Solutions

Campuses are crucial to people's employment and quality of life. Robopreneur Smart Campus Solutions addresses issues with traditional campuses like low management efficiency, poor service experience, significant energy waste, weak comprehensive security, and high operational costs by leveraging emerging ICT technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence.


It carries out the digital transformation of business campuses, supports the growth of new sectors, and improves customer service.

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