Solar Energy


Robotic Solar PV Panel Cleaning

Soiling or contaminants is the major factor influencing decrease in yields of solar PV panels. Robopreneur is pioneering the Automated Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning service to maintain optimum output of the solar system and expand life-span of more than 15 years.  Capable of dry and wet cleaning, the high-speed cleaning process of more than 10 times faster than manual cleaning offers cost-effective solution for solar farm owner.


The service is inclusive of inspection result delivered via PDF Inspection Report and Soiling Topography Analysis of the solar farm which will give useful input for preventive maintenance and asset management.


  • Solar PV panels farm

  • Roof-top solar PV panels

Robotic Pipeline Inspection & Cleaning

This Jetty Robot is a cutting edge technology for ducts & pipes inspection, cleaning and repairs. It is a track driven robot designed to inspect, clean and repair ducts & pipes, especially in cases when dismantling the system is strenuous or impossible.


Thanks to its stability of movement, the robot is able to use high pressure cleaning methods safely and efficiently. With its variety of cleaning methods, sensors, and other tools, as well as different kinds of working environments, Jetty Robot is suitable for a wide range of industrial inspection and cleaning work.


Applications :

  • Oil and gas pipelines

  • Commercial building maintenance

  • Industrial duct and air ventilation

  • Underground pipelines

  • Marine and shipyard

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