4 in 1


Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot

The world's first set of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfection in one robot.

Multi-task Cleaning

Support multi-region and cross-region cleaning

Anti-drop Design

Ultrasonic anti-drop design, automatic step-recognition

Autonomous Charging

When the battery is below the minimum value, it will automatically return to charging

What's so special about Snail

Kleenbot Snail sweeper cleaning robot is a multi-functional large-scale commercial cleaning robot, focusing on indoor cleaning, to create a good health environment for businesses.


Water Cycle Control Technology

Snail has the industry’s first water cycle control technology. It can independently plan the cleaning path, clean completely without dead ends, and supports multi-task sweeping and cleaning.


How Snail Work

Scheduled Cleaning Tasks

Custom cleaning time, automatic cleaning task