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Connecting Dots
temi eNurse
Smart temi eNurse robot with medical devices for self inspection, data transfer automatically via Bluetooth to the robot system, remotely access by the doctor.
Digital Healthcare Online Doctor Consultation
eNurse (7).png
temi eNurse for healthcare and elderly care:

Telepresent function connecting doctor and patient online.

Automatic vital signs measurement. 

Simple operation via voice command and touch screen.

Easy access to digital services.

“Follow me” function to assist nurses and caregivers.

Emergency function creates greater safety for users.

eNurse (5).png
Blood pressure monitor
Vital Sign
eNurse collects patients’ vital sign data remotely for record and analysis. The solutions also serve as online consultation platform, video education, meal delivery and tool for assessment. The Bluetooth vital signs devices supported by eNurse:
  • ️Blood pressure monitor
  • Blood glucose meter
  • Forehead thermometer
  • Finger pulse oximeter
  • Body fat meter
  • Stethoscope
Work Integration


eNurse can integrate with the NIS or HIS and send the patients’ data to the institution directly.

Magnetic Module Vest

The magnetic module vest gives temi the ability to carry devices at the front while keeping the back tray empty for further use.

Extension module

The eNurse extension module can display education video, help nurse to do the digital assessment or collect patients’ consent signature.

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