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Cubicon Single Plus

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The Cubicon Single Plus is the follow up to Hyvision's Cubicon Single. Printing with a build envelope of 240 x 190 x 200mm, it features a built-in HEPA air filter and a modular extruder system for easy removal and cleaning.

    The Cubicon Single Plus, an FFF 3D printer built for industrial applications, lists similar technical specs to the existing Cubicon single. Both the old and new models offer layer heights of 150 - 300 microns with a build volume of 240 x 190 x 200 mm, and both have the same size and weight. However, there are important improvements and upgrades to be found in the Single Plus, such as faster print speed of 500 mm/s compared to Single’s 300 mm/s, as well as WiFi printing and a larger, touchscreen display which replaces the Single’s jog dial and button controls.

    The Cubicon Single Plus 3D printer retains the Auto Leveling Plus print bed feature for which the Single gained a solid reputation, as well as other HyVision hallmarks such as a replaceable extruder for easy repair and an Air Convection Flow Function to keep constant internal temperature. The Single Plus and Single are both compatible with ABS, PLA, and flexible filaments.

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