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Robots for Service

& Hospitality

Our high-end service robotic products provide you with safer, warmer, and smarter intelligent solutions. Suitable for various service & hospitality sectors such as retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, malls, events, etc. Robopreneur drives the digital transformation in service sectors through smart customized solutions, solving manpower shortage problems, enhancing customer experience, and creating higher value for your business.

Concrete Facade

Food & Beverages

Delibot Bella, Delibot Hola, Delibot Ketty

Food and Beverage manufacturers are finding new ways to increase sales both online and offline, even as labor shortages make it more difficult.

Our interactive robots help lift some of the burdens from workers' shoulders and improve efficiency throughout the food and beverage supply chain.


Hotel & Tourism

Furhat, Pepper, Snail, Delibot Flash,

Delibot Temi

Robots have become progressively cheaper, smarter, more flexible and easier to train. This makes it easier for robots to infiltrate new industries and spawn new use cases at scale, including travel & tourism.


Delibot Flash can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. It , enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings.


Retail & Outlet

Delibot Temi, Pepper, Delibot Ketty

The impact of robotics in the retail industry offer tremendous potential and opportunity. Welcome robots, robots that track, monitor and analyze customer journeys, and operational robots which to provide significant benefits, both for customers and retailers.

Robots such as Pepper can use it robotic arms to pick out merchandise that customers choose through touch screens in the store.


Customer Service

Furhat, Pepper, NAO

Accelerate your digital transformation strategy with fresh insights from our service robotics solutions for your business.


Discover trends on using service robots as receptionists, automation of staff attendance and visitor management, 5G connectivity, 3D hologram, etc. Enhance your customer experience, digitalize your business operation and give impact to your corporate image.

Product Demo

and Services


Delibot Hola at Mamak Restaurant


Delibot Bella at Mamak Restaurant


Delibot Bella and Ketty at Mamak Restaurant


Delibot Bella with restaurant's owner


Temi at car showroom


Temi at shopping mall


Delibot Bella at a local cafe


Temi communicate with people


Delibot Bella at a local cafe


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