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Software Solutions

Advanced Face Detection and Analysis

Face detection using artificial intelligence capture and initiate ratio of eyes and mouth open, roll, pitch, yaw, emotion, gender, and age for any faces. 

Deep Learning


Intelligent micro services to understand effectively. A software programming that helps to understand a dynamic behavior/pattern that can predict the existing and future trend of a business/case eg Google Trend.

Data Analytics

Custom advanced data analytics for your enterprise data. The picture showed an overview of international exports based on certain country. 

Social Media Analysis

Custom advanced data analysis for your social media data. The picture showed how many people tweet about politics in Malaysia based on certain region.


The RoboALPR (Robopreneur Advance License Plate Recognition) system is designed from the ground up, using proprietary technologies developed by Robopreneur while being powered by the OpenALPR Engine. The solution is not just simply a license plate detection algorithm, rather a complete solution offering client's dashboard, data analytics and variation of static and mobile ALPR applications that guarantees rate of confidence over 95%.


  • Commercial parking

  • Traffic management

  • Police patrol car

  • Smart city

  • Many more...