3D Printing & 3D Scanner

​We have selected only the best 3D printers and 3D Scanners model in the world in order to provide high-quality printing experience for our clients

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First Domestically Designed Replaceable Extruder. Just exchange the extruder when using various types of filaments.


The elegant Cubicon Style, is a desktop 3D printer designed with flexibility, portability and aesthetics in mind.  


The BCN3D Sigmax is a professional FFF 3D printer characterized by its impressive printing volume and Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system.

3D Printer | BCN3D SIGMAX

Industrial grade printer ready for short-run manufacturing. Able to integrate a print factory.

3D Printer | RAISE3D PRO2 PLUS

The Form 2 brings powerful 3D printing to your dental business. Its speed, precision, and compact footprint make it perfect for dental practices and labs. 

3D Printer | FORMLABS FORM 2

Advanced technology of printing position recovery in case of power failure or any emergency stop. Because of recovery function of LUGO 3D printer, idea to stretch Multi-color printing in one piece is possible.

3D Printer | LUGO M PRO & L PRO

High Speed Handheld 3D Scanner-Multi-functional 3D scanner for most diverse application because of its four versatile scanning modes.

3D Scanner | Einscan Pro Plus

New Generation Desktop 3D Scanner. Versatile, Easy & Fast, Fine Details .

3D Scanner | EINSCAN 3D SE

Visible white light, no laser, eyes secure for children.

3D Scanner | EINSCAN 3D SP

ABS is a type of filament that is used in most of the process for making commonly used plastic products such as a tool handles, automotive jig components, phone cases, toys, and etc

3D Filament | ABS

PLA is an environmentally friendly material. It's generate almost no hazardous elements throughout printing and widely printed as models / figure, low-wear toys, prototype parts, and containers.

3D Filament | PLA

TPU filament is the flexible materials and can be variously utilized. TPU is a resin of the polyurethane and mostly use as a damper and can replicate the rubber.

3D Filament | TPU

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