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Premium Floor

Cleaning Robot

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Compact, but Comprehensive.

All-in-one Floor Cleaning Solution




Dust Mopping

Phantas is a commercial floor cleaning robot that boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, which grants it unrivaled versatility and usability for cleaning spaces with different types of flooring, both hard and soft.


Every Inch Matters.

Strong Passibility

Phantas is presumably the smallest commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. With its compact size, the robot can effortlessly pass through and clean narrow aisles and under-table areas.

Zero Distance

Backed by the side brush and high-precision sensors, Phantas is able to clean along the edges 0cm-close.

The easy access to tight areas and powerful edge cleaning capacity guarantee maximum cleaning coverage — Every inch of your floor spaces, Phantas cares!


AI-Powered, Learning while Cleaning.

Hassle-free Mapping Process

Phantas is the only commercial cleaning robot in the market that enables fully autonomous mapping process. Upon initial deployment, Phantas will automatically navigate the landscape and creates a semantic map without any external tools for assistance.

Real-time Localization & 3D Environmental Perception

In a dynamic environment, Phantas will locate itself and update the map in real time. The multi-sensor fusion endows Phantas with 3D environmental perception, which greatly enriches its knowledge of the surrounding environment.

Flexible Path Planning

Phantas offers 2 different path planning modes for you to customize your cleaning plan, including Real-time AutoCover (zigzag motion) and Auto Spot Cleaning (point-to-point).

Applicable Flooring Types


Ceramic tiles

Image by Maryna Yazbeck
Wood Panel
Wooden Architecture
Carpet Vacuum

Auto Spot Cleaning

4X Efficiency


Phantas incorporates Gausium’s groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning into its path planning. Under this mode, the robot scans the cleanliness of the nearby floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected, removing the stains right off before they’re spread all over the floor. By cleaning only where it is needed, Phantas brings up to 4X efficiency improvement and significantly reduces water and energy consumption.



One Stop Self-Service

Phantas is paired with a workstation to minimize human intervention during operation. It is able to perform all-round self-services by autonomously docking with the workstation:

Auto power charging

Auto water refill and discharge

Auto water tank cleaning

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