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Robotics & Automation Solutions for Service, Hospitality and Tourism
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Core Solutions

We Offer All-in-one Solutions for Service and Hospitality Industries

Our robot & automation solutions for service & hospitality provide you with safer, warmer, and smarter intelligent solutions. Suitable for various service & hospitality sectors such as retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, malls, events, etc. 

Restaurant Automation

The restaurant automation solution help to lift some of the burdens from workers' shoulders and improve efficiency throughout the food and beverage supply chain. We offer complete solutions for restaurant automation; starting from delivery of food, automated menu ordering with POS system, automated table clearing robot, and integration with the cloud kitchen apps. 

Our business model helps restaurant operators with a healthy cash flow. We offer low-interest financial loans through our panel banks,  at a loan tenure of up to 10 years. Our solutions solve manpower problems in the F&B industry and help them to recover their business after the pandemic.

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Smart Mall Solutions

Establishing an AI and robotics that features navigation of the mall with interactive routes with sales, happy hours, promotions and even emergency situations.

Bringing the benefits to physical stores for shoppers and retailers. These technologies provide store associates with real-time access to enterprise information and hands-free communication.


Smart Retail & Outlets

Discover trends in using service robots as your retail staff, marketing, and inventory management. You can add up our 3D hologram too for more impactful in-store marketing.


Using service robots is a smart way to optimize manpower, increase efficiency and improve customer experience. Digitalize your business operation and give impact to your outlets.

Smart Office, Smart Home & Futuristic Showroom

Let's create a new experience in your spaces. We provide robotic solutions together with IoT and AI technology that make your office, home, or showroom become modern and futuristic. Our solutions provide new experiences through multi-device collaboration and ecosystem integration.


RoboAvatar a Multilingual Virtual Customer Service

RoboAvatar is a multilingual virtual robot platform that offers 2-way human-robot communication in more than 30 world languages.

RoboAvatar is a perfect platform to engage with customers while reducing the dependency on human labor, leveraging AI and Chat GPT for more natural and informative interaction. RoboAvatar is an avatar robot that does not require hardware maintenance. This makes RoboAvatar affordable and highly scalable. 

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