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Kinova Arm

Every Kinova robot is built to empower humans, to complement and augment their capabilities at work and at play. 


Achieve Extraordinary

Whether you need service robots to help you perform daily tasks and gain a greater sense of autonomy, or seek ultra lightweight robotic arms to complete your research and innovation projects more efficiently, our robots will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. As we say at Kinova, there's no need too small, no task too great

Kinova Products

Kinova can customize solutions to help you meet your specific needs. All of our products are designed to augment human capability in any environment — at home, in research labs and medical facilities, in manufacturing plants, and many more.


Our robotics always put the human at the forefront, meaning the individual is always in control of the technology, and the technology always complements the individual. Together, extraordinary results are always within reach.

gEN2 m07_1.jpg

JACO service robotic arm made from lightweight carbon fibre, our robotic arm is durable, light to the touch and weather-resistant, and comes standard with our grippers, meaning its three flexible fingers will firmly grasp objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Gen3 tile_2.jpg

Easy to set up in under 30 minutes, you can start performing simple tasks with your Gen3 right away. Thanks to its modular hardware and robust KINOVAⓇ KORTEXTM open API software, including new teaching modes, you can adapt and control your robot to perform complex applications. 

JACO service robotic arm


Helping humanity reach the impossible since 2006.

The original purpose of the KINOVA JACO service robot is the same today as it was back then, but our signature arm has only evolved and become more refined over time. Each arm features six-axis movement corresponding to shoulder, elbow and wrist, allowing 16 movements in all to mimic the smoothness and versatility of a fully functioning human arm. Made from lightweight carbon fibre, our robotic arm is durable, light to the touch and weather-resistant, and comes standard with our grippers, meaning its three flexible fingers will firmly grasp objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Almost any power wheelchair is capable of full robotic arm integration, and uses its own accumulator to provide energy to the arm. The KINOVA JACO service robot can be mounted on your wheelchair and controlled using the chair’s joystick, head control, sip-and-puff/head array systems or almost any other interface, in any combination. The arm is mounted on your wheelchair to minimize overall width, allowing all seat movements to ensure clearance for transfer and other equipment, as well as maximizing the arm’s reach to access even the floor.

2 finger option











Empower yourself with our robotic arms

Take back control of your activities of daily living. If you’re living with limited or no mobility as result of any of the following conditions, our KINOVA JACO service robot can improve your daily capabilities: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, quadriplegia, upper limb amputation or spinal cord injury.

For demo or purchase enquiries

Call +603 2726 2476 or email at

Introducing Gen3 Ultra Lightweight Robot

Extremely versatile and portable, the KINOVAⓇGen3 Ultra lightweight robot is pathbreaking, built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industry research teams.

One robot, all your research needs

For starters, your robot can be used between multiple applications, projects and environments, offering you the most value. It also has exciting, unique features like embedded 2D/3D vision and a Quick Connect controller. What’s more, it’s enabled by our new pathbreaking software framework and application development platform, KINOVAⓇ KORTEXTM


More capabilities with unprecedented control

From base to end effector, everything about our third-generation service robot is designed to complement and augment what you can do. It’s also the first with built-in discrete 2D and 3D sensors, ideal for vision-based robotic control.

  • Embedded 2D/3D vision

  • 7 DOF

  • Embedded controller in each actuator

  • Torque sensor in each joint

  • Unlimited joint rotations


Adapts to your needs

Depending on the project, objective and who’s using the robot, you need the flexibility to quickly change end effectors as needed. The new interface module on our third-generation robot allows simple connectivity with a wide variety of end effectors, instruments and sensors.

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