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Robopreneur brings about the future by heightening the capabilities of service robotics. Our robots are developed to help solve human problems, for use in our human environment and to ultimately become partners to humans.

Business Solutions

Social robots like Pepper and Furhat are effective means of engaging and communicating with people. They can interact expertly with your customers in addition to helping them connect with your business.


Academic & Research Solutions

The growing number of robotics researchers are spearheading the growth of Industrial Revolution 4.0. We as a company can assist their endeavour by providing a customizable platform for researchers to explore their high level interests including programming and prototyping services. 


Industrial Solutions

Robopreneur’s business segment includes robotics solution for industrial cleaning and inspection; robotics and AI solutions for airports; and AGV applications for agriculture and defence industry. Using our high-end service robotics products, we are able provide a turnkey solution to solve your industrial problems.


Smart Traffic Solutions

Robopreneur's Advance License Plate Recognition (RoboALPR), powered by the OpenALPR Engine, offers 95% confidence rate of number plate detection presents it on a user dashboard along with other data analytic.


COVID-19 Solutions

Robotics and AI have become major weapons in the fight against COVID-19. Using this technology, Robopreneur is automating critical tasks such as disinfection and body temperature screening, to minimize human contact and lower the risk of spread.



Our service robots are capable of meeting your demands regardless of job sector. With Industrial Revolution 4.0 underway not only can they be the solution to your problem, they can also help you transform your business to endure and thrive in the changing workplace climate.

Humanoid Robot


ADAM (Advanced Development Autonomous Machine) is the 1st Malaysian Humanoid Robot. ADAM has upper trunk full body motion, a vision system as well as speech and facial recognition capabilities.

Robokit for Education


ROOKIE is an omni-wheeled mobile robot kit with STEM learning modules to help students learn and explore robotics technology through learning about electronics components, control, hardware design and programming.

Social Robot


FURHAT is the world’s most advanced social robot platform. Empowered by AI and capable of multilingual speech. When interacted with it can hold conversations with realistic expression.

Humanoid Robot


PEPPER is designed to be used in and integrated into professional environments. PEPPER can recognize human emotions, can communicate with high levels of speech and can perform tasks in the place of humans working in the service industry. She is an attractive and endearing humanoid robot.

Humanoid Robot


The NAO robot is widely used in research and education around the world and can even be a friendly companion around the house. NAO has dynamic and smooth body motion enabling it to walk and dance. It is also capable of talking, following instructions and recognising humans and objects

Service Robotic Arm


The KINOVA JACO 2 and 3 Robotic Arms are ultra lightweight and highly flexible robotic arms, suitable for various collaborative applications with humans and specific task applications. Every Kinova robot is built to empower humans, to complement and augment their capabilities at work and at play. 

Wheelchair with Robot Arm


Our Robotic Wheelchair combines the Kinova Robotic Arm with a motorized wheelchair specially designed for physical disabled people, the elderly or individuals that undergoing medical treatment.

Quadruped Robot


A1 is a robust fully functional four-legged robot. It can perform jumps, flips and can travel at speeds of ten feet or seven miles per hour. It is capable of these actions as it is comprised of strong motors and flexible joints.  

Smart Mobile Robot


Hospitality business is my expertise. With my warm greetings, I can provide my service in the hotel lobby, guide the visitor, and even managing their check in and out.


Thermal Scanner STARS


STARS is a thermal scanning device designed as a means of screening for symptoms of COVID-19. The device replaces manual temperature measurement and registration, streamlining the process. 


The dynamic facial recognition enables the device to be used in the place of a staff attendant or a visitor management system.

3D Printers


my3Dshoppe is an exclusive brand by Robopreneur providing 3D printing products and solutions.

We have selected only the best 3D printers and 3D Scanners model in the world in order to provide high-quality printing experience for our clients. We provide online 3D printing service available at

3D Hologram


Our integrated system develops, show and maintains 3D images that look like mid-air floating holograms.


The holographic engineering breakthrough meets dynamic Pro Management Software to produce truly amazing 3D visuals.


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