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Achieving optimal power generation

Automatic cleaning method designed according to the basic specifications of
photovoltaic panels. SolaKleen is suitable for most photovoltaic panel installations, with strong adaptability, high cleaning efficiency, and flexible cleaning cycles.

Excellent Perfomance,
Efficient Cleaning

SolaKleen is a portable photovoltaic cleaning robot equipped with advantages of long life, intelligent APP controller, and easy to disassemble, install, adjust and maintain brushes.

Intelligent control: Mini APP
control by mobile, automatic
cleaning time and cleaning
mode can be set.

Internet of things technology
application: independent
control, grouping, automatic

Self-charging-comes with a
solar power system,
convenient and efficient, can last 8-10 hours.

Lightweight equipment ≈23
kg. The whole machine is
about 30kg.

Strong adaptability: applicable to various arrangement arrays
and various power stations.

Self-sensing mode: Intelligent opening and cleaning mode in rainy days.

Product Features

  • Excellet performance lithium battery,brushless motor, durable.

  • Efficient cleaning: special brush, cleaner, single machine can clean 1.2MWp per day.

  • Automatic start and stop: automatic return, adaptive and remote control.

  • Integrated dry cleaning and washing: to facilitate the use of different photovoltaic power plants.

  • High cost performance: the cost can be quickly paid back by increasing the electricity production.


Product Parts

Self-powered photovoltaic panel

2. Raindrop sensor

3. Top outer protective cover

4. Intelligent electronic control system

Upper cover .7

Gearbox .8

Sensor wheel .9

Auxiliary wheel .10

Walking wheel .11

Cleaning brush .12

1. Self-powered photovoltaic panel