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The First Malaysian

Humanoid Robot

Advance Development Autonomous Machine


Robopreneur is the producer of the Malaysian FIRST humanoid robot, called ADAM (Advanced Development Autonomous Machine). This project is a national project worth RM22Mil, fully funded by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, in collaboration with Futurise Sdn Bhd. 

The ADAM project was initiated in 2018 involving 35 local engineers, researchers, and programmers. Finally, the prototype of humanoid robot ADAM was successfully activated in March 2019 as the first humanoid robot ever built in Malaysia.

ADAM has smooth full body movement with 22 degrees of freedom in his upper body including fingers. ADAM is capable of interacting with people using voice recognition empowered by AI and cloud computing technology. ADAM acts as a suitable platform for AI and Machine Learning expansion, making it a key resource for further research and development towards creating social robots that are suitable for working in healthcare and other aspects of society.


Technical Specs




540 x 700 x 700


Upper body - 8kg
Base - 36kg

Degrees of freedom

22 d.f.