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State-of-the-art and Customized Software Development

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Core Solutions

We Develop Customize Software Solutions to Meet Busines Needs

In an environment driven by tons of data, businesses are struggling for a capable system that authentic, fast and secure. We are specialized in customized software development and data analytics to help customers solve their problems and bring value to their businesses.


VISAGE is a Vision AI and Analytics platform with over 40 vision detection modules available in one platform. VISAGE offers a custom analytics dashboard for data analytics and reporting. VISAGE is compatible with all camera models that comply with ONVIF standards. It can be used with security cameras, robotic platforms, and IoT-based surveillance systems.​ Using advanced computer vision and deep learning, we offer high-precision vision analytics, taking modern security systems to the next level.

Robot Indoor Positioning System (RIPS) is a software application developed by Robopreneur, that enhanced the autonomous mobility of a delivery service robot for indoor application. It features high-accuracy tracking device using UWB technology, enable high level autonomous robot navigation that further reduce human intervention. This system solved long queues, faster delivery service, and avoid unpaid bills. This revolutionary innovation will open a path for next generation service robot in indoor environment.

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We have developed menu ordering apps on Temi robot that integrate with POS system and data analytics application for F&B industry. This software solutions enable more convenient restaurant operation, enhance customer experience, reduce order waiting time, and improve kitchen efficiency. The restaurant owner will be able to monitor and analyze daily sales and plan for favorite menu for the next day.

ROBOFleet is an online fleet management software developed by Robopreneur to monitor all robots and be a platform for customers to report any problems while handling the robots. Customers can order a similar system to manage their fleets and assets. The software is also suitable for enterprises that have many assets to manage, and customizable according to specific need of business.

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