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Autonomous Cleaning for Enterprise

Core Solutions

We Offer Automated Robotic Cleaning Solutions for Large Scale Area and for Enterprise Level

Industrial cleaning is a typical human-intensive task. Our business segment includes automated robotic inspection and cleaning solutions, such as robots for solar panel cleaning, pipeline inspection and cleaning for O&G industry, factory 5S floor cleaning, and underwater ROV for vessel and hull inspection and cleaning. 


Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

This robotic solar panel cleaning solution provides the best way to clean solar panels to achieve optimal power generation. It allows automatic cleaning method designed according to the basic specifications of photovoltaic panels.


This solution is suitable for most photovoltaic panel installations, with strong adaptability, high cleaning efficiency, and flexible cleaning cycles.


Autonomous Floor Cleaning

We use robotic technology to secure floor cleaning that is simple to use and can address environmental issues with low-maintenance machinery.

These solution lower the possibility of potential slips and falls and downtime, thoroughly clean the floors in corridors, cafeterias, and other large spaces, freeing up staff members to concentrate on other important cleaning duties like detailing.

Pipeline Inspection & Cleaning Solutions

We provide any type of work that need to be performed inside ducts or pipelines. The stability of our robot movement and capacity to center itself in a duct or pipe, makes use of high pressure cleaning techniques both effectively and safely.


Users can carry out thorough inspection duties using the robot itself.


Sanitization & Disinfection Solutions

Let's bring a healthier indoor environment to our life. The autonomous mobile robots sanitization & disinfection solutions is now widely use in hospitals, airports, stations, hotels, museums, schools, shopping malls and so on.


We maximize product performance and cost-effectiveness, stabilize the supply chain, and provide low-cost, high-precision solutions for different needs of robots in different industries and scenarios.

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