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Who am I?

  • Omniwheel mobile robot platform for STEM education and hobbies

  • Fully programmable Arduino-based controller board 

  • Open source hardware and software

  • Programming style - Arduino (Script) and Visual Language Programming (VLP)

  • Independent drive 4 Channel DC Motor

  • Autonomous mobility or control via android and IOS apps

  • Light weight and easy to assemble mobile robot 

  • Affordable mobile robot kit


Platform for STEM education

Open source hardware & software

Fully programmable Arduino board

Made in Malaysia


What can I do?

  • Omni directional movement

  • 360deg object detaction and obstacle avoidance

  • Line following and navigation

  • Remote control or autonomous motion

  • Interactive software tailored to ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  • Ready made modules for customizations and integrations

  • Sensing colour, heat, odor, etc by adding more sensors


Size: (280mm) x  (280mm) WxL
Weight: 0.5 kg approximately
Power: LiPo Battery 7.4V 1500mAH (rechargeable) 
Motor: Micro DC Geared Motor HP 325RPM 1.2kg
Motor Driver: Toshiba TB6612FNG Dual IC
Connectivity: Bluetooth HC-05 2.4GHz
Processor: Atmega328P AU 8-bit
Port: 1 USB Mini type
Disply: OLED 0.96’’ Display
Sensor: Modular Ultrasonic sensor , Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor
Software: Arduino IDE
Controller: Android Robopreneur Joystic

Technical Features

b1.png (2).gif

Who should use ROOKIE?

  • Students (Age 7-18yrs old)

  • Teachers & STEM Educators

  • Robotics trainers and training centers

  • Robotics club and competition teams

  • Developers and researchers

  • Individual and hobbiest

What can I do
Tech Features
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