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Robotics Solutions for Medical & Healthcare

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Core Solutions

We Offer Robotics Solutions to Improve Productivity and Efficiency in the Medical & Healthcare Sectors

Service robots are used in and out of hospital settings to improve the overall level of patient care. They ease the workload of medical staff, allowing them to spend more time caring directly for patients while creating major operational efficiencies and cost reductions for healthcare facilities. 

Smart Hospital Solutions

We connect patients with doctors, assist nurses, and automate hospital daily tasks through AI, robotics, intelligent automation, next-generation telecommunications, and edge computing. Our delivery robots help deliver meals, send medical samples to the lab, and deliver medications from the pharmacy. Our solutions reduce medical staff workload and improve the overall operation of hospitals.

By utilizing our ROBOMEDIK solutions, hospitals can play a distinct role in the larger ecosystem, which enhances patient outcomes and operational efficiency within their environment.


Robot for Ageing Society

Our assistive robots are equipped with the latest technology to become smart companions and mobility platforms for elderly persons, at home, in rehabilitation centers, or at the elderly home.


The robot can remind people to take their medicines or arrange cabs. It can also recall the owner’s appointments and prompt suggestions relevant to the current schedule. Older users can play games, access social media, and conduct on-screen video chats to stay connected to the outside world.

Assistive Healthcare Home Solutions

Our solution eNurse let the TEMI robot become a moving health kiosk at home. The solutions automate vital sign measurement while the patient can talk to the doctor via telepresence function. Eventually, you no need to go to the hospital for regular medical check-ups. eNurse can verify patients by scanning QR Code, RFID or facial recognition. With the eNurse admin web page, doctors are able to monitor patients' vital sign history and export CVS report for analysis.


Robot for Autism Rehabilitation

Robots can provoke interactive and social responses that are not naturally occurring in children with autism.

The application of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) concept as the base algorithm in NAO robot has great potential to teach children with autism how to detect and understand emotions and social behaviors.

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