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Harnessing the Future of Robotics Today

The Mirokai robot is more than just a machine; it is a symbol of the relentless pursuit of technological advancement and excellence. With its sophisticated features and combat prowess, the Mirokai robot stands at the forefront of modern robotics, showcasing the intersection of technology, power, and innovation.

What's so special about Mirokai

The robots feature highly flexible joints, allowing for a wide range of motion and agility, crucial for engaging in dynamic and fast-paced combat scenarios.

Real-Time Decision Making

The Mirokai robots are equipped with sophisticated AI systems that enable them to make real-time decisions and adapting to changing situations without requiring direct human control.

AI Integration

Their AI capabilities allow for predictive combat strategies, enhancing their effectiveness in neutralizing threats and overcoming opponents.

Enhanced Mobility

Designed for superior mobility, the Mirokai robots can navigate various terrains effortlessly, maintaining stability and control even in challenging environments.

Speed and Agility

Despite their substantial build, the robots are capable of rapid movements, making them agile and difficult to target.

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"If This Then That" feature for easy programming, without any technical expertise required


Mirokai’s rolling globe allows fast and free mobility.



​Show Mirokaï the floor plans, and it will become intimately familiar with the place in just a few moments​​

​Mirokaï take up minimal space, ensuring they will never become an obstacle the people they assist.​

Technical Features

  • 28 Degrees of Freedom

  • 2 RGBD Cam - 2 infrared cameras

  • 12 Time of flight cameras (8x8px)

  • 6 Ultrasound sensors

  • 4 microphones

  • 3 IMUs : Base, Hands

  • Battery life : 8 hours

  • 6 axis torque sensor

  • Height : ~1.30m

  • Weight : ~30kg (prototype)

  • Max Speed : ~3.2km/h

  • Projected Screen face

  • Opposable thumb

  • Co-manipulating arms

  • 2 processing units (2 CPUs + 2 GPUs)

  • Autonomous navigation

  • Natural Interaction Programming

Technical Features
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