Smart Thermal
& Attendance
Recognition Scanner (STARS)

Empowered by precision Thermal Imaging Technology, STARS enable contactless body temperature measurement at an accuracy of +/-0.1°C. It is also equipped with Dynamic Facial Recognition at an accuracy of 99.7%, with a detection speed of less than 0.1 sec thanks to its  face mask detection algorithm. 

It is a Malaysian designed product built with a Thermal Imaging camera from Germany.


5 Core Functions in 1 Device


STARS is a thermal scanning device designed as a means of screening for symptoms of COVID-19. The device replaces manual temperature measurement and registration, streamlining the process. The dynamic facial recognition enables the device to be used in the place of a staff attendant or a visitor management system.

Non-contact Temperature Measurement via Thermal Imaging Scanner

Made using German thermal imaging sensor.

Measures temperature in 0.1 seconds, with a+/-0.1 °C measurement accuracy.

Dynamic Facial Recognition

99.7% face recognition accuracy in under 0.1 seconds.

 Supports 10,000 facial data libraries, face mask detection algorithm.

High Temperature Alarm

Real-time audible and visual alarm for abnormal temperature, dual authorization for face + temp measurement, fast passage control.

Data Management

Automatic upload of temp identity information in time, the screening data list can be checked and is traceable.

Attendance & Access Control

Compliance for staff attendance & access control, instant visitor registration, stranger detection.


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Fast & efficient non-contact body temperature measurement


Avoid spreading of the virus by minimising human contact


Hassle free, safe & cost effective


Complies with government policy for temperature screening and access registration


Technical Features


Screen                             8 inch IPS LCD Screen
Testing Range               25 °C~45 °C
Testing Accuracy          ≤ ±0.1 °C
Testing Distance          <1m
Alarm                              Audio & visual alarm on abnormal temperature

Camera Resolution     200W*200W
Type                                 RGB camera, living bodydynamic binocular                                                        camera,thermal imaging camera

Facial Recognition       99.7%, less than 0.1 sec detection     

Device Weight               1.3 kg
Device Size                     240mmx120mmx24mm
Power Supply
DC12V (I 10&)

1 RS232 Interface
Network Interface      1 RJ45 10M/ 100M adaptiveEthernet port/ WIFI

CPU                                  4 Cores, 1.8GHz
Device Interface           2GB memory, 8GB storage

Image by Jared Arango

Different Setup for Your Convenience


Suitable for office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public service, management projects and other places where temperature measurement or face access control is required.


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