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Smart Thermal
& Attendance
Recognition Scanner (STARS)

Empowered by precision Thermal Imaging Technology, STARS enable contactless body temperature measurement at an accuracy of +/-0.1°C. It is also equipped with Dynamic Facial Recognition at an accuracy of 99.7%, with a detection speed of less than 0.1 sec thanks to its  face mask detection algorithm. 

It is a Malaysian designed product built with a Thermal Imaging camera from Germany.


5 Core Functions in 1 Device


STARS is a thermal scanning device designed as a means of screening for symptoms of COVID-19. The device replaces manual temperature measurement and registration, streamlining the process. The dynamic facial recognition enables the device to be used in the place of a staff attendant or a visitor management system.

Non-contact Temperature Measurement via Thermal Imaging Scanner

Dynamic Facial Recognition

High Temperature Alarm

99.7% face recognition accuracy in under 0.1 seconds. Supports 10,000 facial data libraries, face mask detection algorithm.

Real-time audible and visual alarm for abnormal temperature, dual authorization for face + temp measurement, fast passage control.

Made using German thermal imaging sensor. Measures temperature in 0.1 seconds, with a+/-0.1 °C measurement accuracy.

Data Management

Automatic upload of temp identity information in time, the screening data list can be checked and is traceable.

Attendance & Access Control

Compliance for staff attendance & access control, instant visitor registration, stranger detection.

Automatic upload of temp identity information in time, the screening data list can be checked and is traceable.

Compliance for staff attendance & access control, instant visitor registration, stranger detection.


Product Demo


Fast & efficient non-contact body temperature measurement


Avoid spreading of the virus by minimising human contact


Hassle free, safe & cost effective


Complies with government policy for temperature screening and access registration


Technical Features

Testing Range
Testing Accuracy
Testing Distance

Camera Resolution

Facial Recognition Accuracy
Device Weight
Device Size
Power Supply


Network Interface

Device Interface

8 inch IPS LCD Screen
25 °C~45 °C
≤ ±0.1 °C
Audio & visual alarm on abnormal temperature

RGB camera, living body dynamic binocular camera, thermal imaging camera

99.7%, less than 0.1 sec detection

1.3 kg
DC12V (I 10&)

1 RS232 Interface
1 RJ45 10M/ 100M adaptive


Ethernet port/ WIFI

4 Cores, 1.8GHz
2GB memory, 8GB storage

Image by Jared Arango

Different Setup for Your Convenience


Suitable for office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public service, management projects and other places where temperature measurement or face access control is required.

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Among Our Clients

  • Q1: How the device works to measure body temperature?
    A: We are using Thermal Imaging camera where the topography of thermal images at the human’s face were taken and analysed using Thermographic techniques. This is more accurate (+/-0.1degC) and fast detection (100ms) compared to normal Infrared or Thermopile camera.
  • Q2: How fast the device can manage queue?
    A: The speed of temperature detection is 100ms. When it combines with facial detection speed, at normal setup it can manage around 5 to 8 persons in 1 minute. The detection speed is depending on the device setup angle against the light, and the familiarity of the person to the device.
  • Q3: How the Facial Recognition in STARS managing staff attendance and visitors?
    A: STARS is a Facial Recognition attendance system by itself. It utilizes pre-registered facial dataset to compare with real live image from the camera to recognize a person’s identity. For staff attendance, the facial dataset will need to be registered in advance in the software in order for the system to function as regular attendance system. For visitors, a one-time and simple face recognition process will need to be conducted at the receptionist to register the visitor’s details and face data. The data will remain for the next visit or can be erase if necessary.
  • Q4: Can STARS recognize person wearing face mask?
    A: Yes, the Face Mask Detection Algorithm enables recognition of the person identity even though he/she is wearing face mask.
  • Q5: How many facial data can be stored in the device?
    A: The memory in the device can store up to 10,000 facial data. If more capacity needed, the memory can be increase or using external memory.
  • Q6: Can the device integrate with existing attendance system?
    A: STARS is an attendance system on its own. To integrate with third-party attendance system, some integration works will be required and we are not guarantee it will comply. However, since STARS software is enabling attendance record to be export as Excel or CSV files, there is potential to be use in the existing attendance system.
  • Q7: Does STARS come with software?
    A: Yes, the device comes with a free license software called STARS Software. It is a user-friendly software, lightweight and operates in Windows operating system computers. A Windows PC will be needed as server for the device.
  • Q8: How about the device calibration and maintenance?
    A: STARS is designed to be agile and less maintenance. Once the device and software are installed, no calibration is needed.
  • Q9: How long is the warranty and how about after sales service?
    A: The device come with 1-year warranty against manufacturing defect. Since the device is local made, we will be able to provide good after sales service. We offer online support and maintenance visit upon request.
  • Q10: How to do reporting or tracing using the device?
    A: STARS software allows reporting in Excel and CSV format with customized column contents such as name, phone number, body temperature, staff number, etc. The file can be export and save as daily access report which also useful for tracing and other data analytics.
  • Q11: Can I insert my own logo in the device and customize the design?
    A: Yes, STARS software enables customization of logo to appear in the device interface. If you are choosing the floor stand setup, the background panel can be customized according to your design.
  • Q12: Why some similar device in the market is cheaper and some are more expensive?
    A: Most of cheaper device in the market is either using Thermopile concept or using less reliable thermal sensors. Some are using only infrared and maximum 2 cameras. STARS is using 3 cameras (RGS camera, living body dynamic binocular camera, and thermal imaging camera). The Thermal Imaging Camera is made in Germany for more reliable performance. Some more expensive system normally using expensive Thermographic camera for more dynamic temperature detection. However, for current scenario of COVID-19, the best alternative is to combine thermal imaging camera data and process it using thermographic technique so that we will be able to get good accuracy with affordable price.
  • Q13: How to differentiate STARS with other similar device in the market?
    A: Most of thermopile or lower performance device will using additional camera sensor attached on the top of the thermal device. STARS cameras are all embedded in the device. STARS is higher in performance, high accuracy, more flexibility in software and less maintenance.
  • Q14: Can STARS be used to detect body temperatures of peoples in crowds?
    A: No, STARS is designed to detect individual body temperature at range of 50cm in order to record individual data using facial recognition. This system is different from the thermal system for crowd that usually seen in airport.
  • Q15: How if I want to install multiple units of STARS in same building?
    A: For multiple units’ installation, you will only need one STARS software to connect multiple units of STARS as long as it operates within the same local network. Each STARS device will have its own IP number which can be setup in one STARS software.
  • Q16: Does the STARS system run on Clouds?
    A: No, STARS system is not a cloud-based system, it is a local server basis. STARS work online on local network. It can also work offline because each device has its own CPU and memory. The objective is to avoid high cost, maintain less complexity and to protect personal data.
  • Q17: How do I purchase STARS?
    A: You can choose either to purchase or to lease the device. The device has 4 variations, please check with our sales team to get your quotation.
  • Q18: Do you charge delivery and installation?
    A: Delivery and installation within Klang Valley is included in the device price. For outside Klang Valley, we have some additional logistic charge. Please contact our sales team to get more information.
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