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April 1-3, 2018


This event objective is basically to give the chance to Malaysian citizens to explore and get themselves immersed into the science and technology world. They also targeted younger generations  to give them early exposure to the science technology. A lot of kindergartens, schools and universities around Malaysia made trips to this event.

Event Feedback


Most of the schools and universities that visited RSB booth would love to know about the robotics training programs that we provided. The teachers and lectures are asking If we can travel to their places to train their students about robotics technologies.

Event Conclusion


For future reference, the events that are focusing on younger generations, we can provide simple on-site training (10 minutes) on how to program the robots to attract more participants for our training programs. Make it as simple as possible so that they will have the eagerness to learn more about the robot thus subscribing to our training programs.

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