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PYTHON 3: Machine

Learning is Easy


This course gives an introduction to the Python programming including many of the available tools that are commonly used for machine learning for the beginner. This course also introduces several fundamental concepts and methods for machine learning. This course consists of specific key topics and exercises for participants to solve in order to assist them to understand basic concepts of machine learning using python.




The world generates data at an increasing pace. In finance, business, administration and the natural or social sciences, working with data can make up a significant part of the job.


Python is an object-oriented, high-level and easy-to-learn programming language that has useful features for a beginner programmer. It is one of the top 10 programming languages and more relevant in meeting real-world needs including data analytics.


Course Highlights

  • Python Data Types and Operators

  • Python Control Structure for decision making using if-then-else

  • Python Function to reuse codes

  • Machine Learning foundation and image classification

  • Supervised vs Unsupervised vs Reinforcement Learning

  • Object Detection

  • Computer Vision


Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, participants should be able...

  1. To understand how to use Python for machine learning.

  2. To understand basic machine learning concepts, types and examples.

  3. To understand some basic learning algorithms and techniques and their applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Students

  • Researcher

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Group Age: 17 and Above

Additional Note: Please bring your own laptop for hands-on training with Linux OS/Windows.

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