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Image by Gerald Berliner

A1 has autonomous walking capabilities. To do this, it recognizes the environment in which it is to avoid objects and can quickly react to unforeseen events or obstacles. In fact even when releasing it from a relative height it manages to fall and stay upright.

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Excellent Sports Stability

  • Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm allows A1 to quickly find the balance in the event of emergency such as impact or fall.

A1 personnel follow.gif

Vision Based Autonomous Target Following

  • Real time tracking of objects (people, specific moving objects) in the visual range.

  • Support online learning of followings target features.

  • High real-time follow. Video stream refresh speed can reach 25-30 frames/ s.

  • By adjusting color of the tracking box (green (100%) ~ red (0%)) to display the confidence of the tracking target in real-time.

Fastest Speed in Approximate Specifications

  • Maximum continuous outdoor running speed 3.3m/ s (11.88km/ h)

  • The fastest and most stable small and medium quadruped in the approximate specifications.

  • The speed is similar to adult jogging, thus one can have a great companion during running exercise.

A1 High speed travel.gif

A1 Benefits and Performance


For enquiries

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