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Light on Painting

March 23, 2018


Event consist of traditional artisans and local vendors. Most booth sell traditional crafted products, only a few is industrial related booth (including ours). Had quite a lot of visitors locally and internationally, due to perhaps Tourism related event. Datin Seri Rosmah invited for inauguration.

Some of the local vendors are interested in the Video Brochure product to be used as company profile. Most of the artisans are interested in the 3D printer and 3D scanning services because it is quite applicable in their line of work. Robots are always interesting because it’s a robot.

For events similar to Kraftangan (traditional artisan and local vendors), perhaps it is best to push Video Brochures sales as they'd be able to impress their future client with tech-savvy equipment. As for artisans, we can push the 3D printing and scanning services as to help them with their crafting process. Robot will always be the main attraction for our booth, and should always be explain for its event impact capabilities.

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